Connections was an exhibition brought together by myself and other members of the Enigma Alumini Group of Worcestershire Artists in 2009. My response was a series of ‘shrines’ utilizing recognisable images including The Kiss (Rodan).

Shrine: receptacle of sacred relics;chapel of special associations;hallowed by some memory

The making of shrines has long been part of the human experience. They date back to the beginning of recorded time and have been found almost everywhere in the world. They express the most basic human concerns, birth, life and death. A shrine was where people went to ask for help from greater unseen powers that governed their lives. Shrines gave tangible form to beliefs.

My box assemblages, inspired by the concept of the shrine, for me represent an inward journey of discovery, exploring feelings and memories. My aim was to imbue each one with history, emotion and intrigue.

I utilise family heirlooms, found, collected and constructed objects and ephemera.

Each tell a personal story.